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What our customers say about us

RAG Aktiengesellschaft – Hannelore Heck & Martin Jennes

"We want to take this opportunity to thank you for the very successful event on the Praterinsel. Everything simply worked that day, the weather was glorious, we could not ask your catering island for more and your service staff was very courteous at all times. It was a great pleasure working with you and we will definitely come back."

BIOTRONIK – Annette Salla, Congress Manager

"Many of our guests have been very grateful for the successful party in the most unusual beer garden in Munich. A fine catering, coordinated entertainment program, accompanied by a very unique decoration are a guaranteed success. Your dedicated and friendly service team was the icing on the cake. The collaboration with Marlene Du Plessis-Zötl in the preparation of the party was creative, flexible and extremely professional. Always open to ask and offer solutions that came straight to the point. Therefore, my most sincerely thank you."

Lovells – Amelie Salzmann, Event Manager

"You responded individually to all our requests and needs and provided very valuable tips. The organisation went well and the staff was very effecient and thoughtful. Special mention goes to the fine cuisine. All food (and our breakfast was very varied) was very well presented and tasted excellent. Feedback from our 150 employees was very positive. As organisers we enjoyed working with you.Should we plan a similar event in the future, we would be happy to come back to you. We hope you would continue and maintain this "personal touch" of yours in the future."

Bayerische Landesbank – Gabriele Fink, Global Markets-Marketing

"The Christmas party left a good impression on our employees and colleagues. They especially praised the excellent and unusual food served during the evening and our agents felt well taken care of. The discreet, well-trained staff and good selection of drinks were greatly appreciated. Without any doubt I will strongly recommend the Praterinsel Catering service."

Grünecker & Partner – Dietmar Kuhl, Patent Attorney

"When we talk about the quality of food and drinks served, we could say it was absolutely excellent. Furthermore, the dishes were very harmonious. The service in the beverage and food sector ran smoothly, including the arrangement of the entertainement during the event. Altogether, we were extremely satisfied with the catering of Mrs Plessis-Zötl and will continue to work with her in the future. We can only recommend their services and in our opinion, we found the overall experience excellent value for money."

ePark event & merchandising – Ulrike Pfaff, Event Manager

"The presentation at the Praterinsel was a great success for all involved and will certainly be remembered by many guests. The unusual location - particularly the excellent service and the culinary delights of Cape Malay Kitchen all contributed significantly to the success of the event. The catering was second to none and the best of the whole tour!"

Grünecker & Partner – Wolfhard Meister

"Many of my guests praised your excellent food, drinks and service altogether."

RTL - Produktionsfeier "Dr. Stefan Frank" – Sigmar Solbach, actor

"As always " The Cape Malay Kitchen " (Prater Island Catering) did it again this time and offered its culinary delicacies to a very thrilled crew from Dr. Stefan Frank."

LEO´s Sports CLub – Andreas Kaufmann, senior management

"The overall organisation of the event deserves a special award. We would like to thank you for the excellent organisation and accomplishment."

PLAZAMEDIA SpotProduktion – David Rowley, Production Manager

"The Cape Malay Kitchen (Prater Island Catering) has been three years now working for us. Our film crews have always been enthusiastic about it. Considering how stressful shooting days can be, the well-organized service is always a highlight. Therefore, I strongly recommend "The Cape Malay Kitchen" to anyone who is interested in an excellent caterer!"

Bayerische Landesbank – Gabriele Fink, Global Markets-Marketing

"The facilities at the Praterinsel were both unusual and beautiful. The food was varied and covered all continents. So there were Sushi, Ostrich, Samoosas, Flying Angels etc. Drinks were underlined with wines from South Africa and beer from Bavaria for our intended global approach. The last guests that evening left the Prater Island around 3:00am."

World Cinema Film Distribution GmbH – Peter Heinzemann

"All our guests mentioned how comfortable they felt, the excellent food served and overall the good spirits."


  • Accenture (Weihnachtsfeier)
  • Augustinum (Mitarbeiterfeier)
  • Aktionsforum Praterinsel (Tango Festival, Salsa Festival,
    Ausstellungseröffnung Daniel Spoeri's "Eat Art", private Dinner)
  • Allmedia Film + Fernseh GmbH (Warmup Partys)
  • Apple Computer (Präsentation)
  • Baader Bank (Sommerfest)
  • Bach, Langheid & Dallmayr (Geschäftsvorträge / Konferenzen)
  • Bayerische Landesbank (Weihnachtsfeier, Mitarbeiterfeier)
  • Bertelsmann (Expo Party, Reithalle)
  • Biotronic (Abendveranstaltung anläßlich des ‚Annual Meeting of the European Society of Cardiology', August)
  • BMW (Staff)
  • Bosch – Siemens (Messe)
  • Bruno Reichart (Vernissage)
  • Brenntag Technik (Kunden-Dinner)
  • Comicfest München (Eröffnungsfeier)
  • Corpus Culinaria (Gourmet-Messe)
  • Crowns Club (Modenschau)
  • Credit Suisse (Crowns Club)
  • CSD Praterinselfest (Personalcatering)
  • Droege & Co (Mandantenfest)
  • DSF (Filmcatering)
  • ELAXY (Herbst-Event)
  • ePark event & merchandsising GmbH (Ortiga Showcase)
  • FilmFersehFonds Bayern (Preisverleihung)
  • Film GmbH (Abschlussfeiern)
  • Film und Fernseh Commission (Preis Verleihung)
  • Grünecker & Partner (Sommerfest, Weihnachtsfeste)
  • Hill & Knowlton (Presse Dinner für Nuva Ring)
  • Hanser Verlag (Buchpräsentation)
  • Kenzo (Präsentation)
  • Kinowelt Filmverleih (Weihnachtsfeier, Premierenfeiern)
  • Knorr Bremse (Weihnachtsfeiern)
  • Konica (Konferenz)
  • Krass Optik (Weihnachtsfeier)
  • Leo´s Sports Club (Sommerfest, Sylvesterbuffet)
  • Lovells (Weihnachtsfeier, Führungskräft Sommerfest, Mandanten Fest)
  • McKinsey (Sommerfest, Weihnachtsfeier)
  • Meiers Weltreisen (Launch)
  • Miss Sixty (Sommerpräsentation)
  • Mobile Solutions (Kundenpräsentation)
  • More and More (Sommer Präsentation)
  • Neos Venture (Weihnachtsfeier)
  • Omega Invest Südafrika (Konferenz)
  • Philip Morris (Workshop)
  • Planworx München (diverse Veranstaltungen)
  • Plaza Media (Filmcaterings)
  • Pro 7 (Fest zur Sonnenfinsternis, Führungskräfte)
  • Rathaus München (diverse Veranstaltungen)
  • RAG Aktiengesellschaft (Brunch)
  • Rebound Elektronics (Firmenveranstaltung)
  • RTL (Produktionsfeier, "Dr. Stefan Frank", Spectarius Konferenz Live-Übertragung, mit dabei Gerhard Polt)
  • RTT AG (Messe)
  • SA Botschaft Prague (Nationalfeiertag)
  • Schweizerische Rentenanstalt (Kundenbankett)
  • Sedus (Präsentation)
  • Sky TV (Launch)
  • Südafrikanisches Konsulat (Sommerfest)
  • Süddeutsche Zeitung (After-WM Party)
  • SZM Studios (Mitarbeiterfeiern)
  • TUI Reisen (Sommerfest)
  • trendforum (300 Personen, Vortrag, Mittagsbuffet, Kaffeepause, Cocktail Party)
  • Welt Hunger Hilfe (Preisverleihung)
  • Wim Verhoeven (Premierenfest)